Effects of Corona Virus in Students Life

Everyone is aware of today’s situation and everyone is depressed due to this situation about COVID-19. COVID-19 has affected mostly the whole world there are some fortunate five to ten countries that are free from COVID-19. COVID-19 has only affected the business or country’s economy but is also affected the student’s life. Like we have seen in many countries still there have to shut down the schools, colleges, universities or any other institutes. Even there are many countries that are still in a lockdown situation. Due to this reason, it affected everyone.

How it affects the student life

1. Travelling

There are many students who live somewhere and study somewhere and due to this reason, they have to travel for their studies. But due to restriction students or not any other people can even travel. But if there are some countries who allow traveling they have to keep some restrictions like to travel with distance and due to this situation not everyone can travel in the day they want.

2. Delays

Staff and teachers are adjusting to the new online platforms and trying to switch their content to a new teaching style, which is causing classes and semesters to be delayed. This involves learning how to use online resources, determining how to convert hands-on learning materials or discussion-based courses to the new platforms, and potentially modifying the whole learning strategy as a result of the inability to turn over to online.

3. It becomes challenge to lower class families

 COVID-19 has impacted on everyone’s life. It has not only impacted on lower class families but it also become a worried situation for higher or middle class families. But somehoe middle class or higher class families adjust but it becomes a very critical situation for lower class families and students. Like in this situation everything becomes online and to do online studies they need a good internet connection, smartphone or laptop and it is very difficult to arrange everything for lower class students.

4. It becomes much difficult to concentrate in online classes

With online educational resources, younger children, as well as students with ADHD or other special needs, find it difficult to focus completely. Young children need the assistance of in-person training and can struggle to focus in a traditional frontal class conducted on a screen. It can be particularly difficult for students with special needs who depend on in-person instruction.

5. Teachers becomes the main problem

Teachers are the main reason thorugh which we can learn anything we want. But here in this situation teachers or institute they only want is money. They don’t want to study or teach students they just want that they should be paid on time. in this situation every instate or teachers should understand every student’s problem like there are many students who can’t even attend classes due to electricity or internet issue because these are technical issues which can happen at any time.

In our country Pakistan teachers only focus on exams not on teaching because they want that students should fail so that they will earn more and more. according to my opinion teachers should help students to avail services like essay writing services in Pakistan or any assignment writing services. So that students can learn something from them and it will decrease the burden on students. In our country Pakistan, teachers are not aware of a situation means they only know that everyone has to follow what they want. This is the main reason for this situation which is affecting more on student’s life. In short, we can say teachers or studies like that are the cause for some type of suicide

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