Privacy Policy

Bodhizazen cares about your privacy concerns here on this site. We collect your credentials and data to offer the best possible experience for you when you navigate on our website. Disclosure and submission of any kind of personal data including email address, password, username, phone numbers or any personal addresses and similar data to third parties are strongly discouraged by our policy rules. We take the utmost care to protect your data from unauthorized access to them. 

Our Privacy Policy is to let you know why we collect such kind of data and for what usage. 

Personal data is collected when you use your credentials to create an account in our site as a part of the signup process. Bodhizazen keeps a record of those data to help you recover your account without unnecessary issues and problems when you forget your password or a technical error occurs. We also use these data to present you in our site’s comment section by using your email or username and even when you interact with other users in their comments. Your profile will be visible when another user clicks on your avatar and visits your page. 

We strongly discourage sending any kind of promotional details, links, submission, and surveys to your email address. Our usual email subscription service only sends a link and a copy of the latest article that is published and no other extra information. If you wish not to receive such kind of emails and subscription news, you can anytime unsubscribe from the email newsletter subscription option. 

We also keep a track of your IP addresses along with personal information to monitor certain factors of spam linking and third-party activity monitoring. We strongly mend our ways and take appropriate action when spams and over linking situations are considered.  

About Cookies

Bodhizazen also employs cookies and caches data storage on to your device hard drive to track anonymous activities to report strong spam users and such activity on our site. We collect information including your IP addresses, device addresses, browser IDs the type of web browser you are using, web pages visited, dates and time. This is done to help protect your user information on the Bodhizazen site from malicious operations being done unnoticeably. We also use this information to improve your experience on the website to the best. Our cookies strategies involve improving your browsing experience by providing better and most visited suggestions right on to your newsfeed. 

Third-party websites might be available on our website regardless of the products, their service and for other reasons. They may also contain certain links to services and specific websites. We do not hold ourselves responsible for the type of links posted by those third parties neither we are responsible for the information those third party websites post. Bodhizazen’s privacy policy strictly holds itself with the policies, privacy rules and information present on the page. We recommend you to read to the privacy policy pages and then use any of the third-party websites, their products, and links.